Jun 25 2016

'Simply Beautiful’ with SB Furniture

Written by: Manila Standard Lifestyle

Tucked away at the third floor of Market! Market! is a furniture store that can turn out to be a homemaker’s best friend, as it offers a wide variety of choices that suit a particular taste or budget. SB Furniture, which happens to be the biggest furniture retailer and manufacturer established in Thailand, has been instrumental in turning many a dream home into reality for over four decades.


andi collection features homey pieces in stylish minimalist design popular in Scandinavian homes

Present in 20 countries around the world, the brand has been in the country for more than eight years, chalking up more than 1000 projects including the rooms in Ascott at The Fort. During an exclusive launch of three new collections with media guests, SB Furniture’s merchandising manager Jackson Cue disclosed that top-of-the-line pieces go through multiple quality testing, and are of the European Standard Class 1 – which means all products do not have harmful chemicals and are also environment friendly. All SB products are also compliant with E1 (European Formaldehyde and Toxic Gas Emission) standards, he adds.


Furniture items under the Spazz collection are maximize space without compromising style, perfect for condo dwellers

One of the reasons why customers have kept gravitating to SB (which could stand for “simply beautiful” or “style on a budget”) is that it offers a wide variety of choices that reflects the personality of the consumer.

For instance, the Patisia collection features vintage pieces in a classic white palette, while Scandi showcases stylish minimalism popular in Scandinavian homes. However, among the most popular nowadays is the Spazz collection, which targets condo dwellers as all the pieces maximize space without compromising style and the aesthetic aspect.


B Furniture’s showrooms and stores are located in Bonifacio Global City (in photo), Makati, Alabang, Ortigas, Quezon City, Sta. Rosa and Pampanga. 

According to Cue, pieces from the Spazz collection took into consideration the “current real estate situation” as the designs are for people living in smaller quarters. So it has a lot of multifunctional pieces,” he says, pointing to a bedframe that has built-in convenience outlets so one can charge smart gadgets right on the bed.

Patisia, on the other hand, caters more to feminine clients, Cue continues, pointing to the predominance of pink shades in the showcase. “The Scandi Collection is our foray in the Scandinavian minimalist style – clean lines with striking colors and earth tones,” he continues. The Scandi Collection may be homey but combining pieces from the Spazz Collection creates a uniquely charming look, underscoring the flexibility of SB Furniture to transform a room when the correct pieces are mixed and matched.  


The SB Furniture BGC Team with SB Furniture Vice President for Operations Elvott Santos (front row, second from left) and SB Furniture Merchandising Manager Jackson Cue (second row, second from left)

It also helps that SB has a team of in-house designers who can be consulted – even by those who are not purchasing an item from the furniture store – drawing out the personality and preferences of a homemaker to help him decide on the pieces that are suitable to the space and of course, the budget. The in-house designers also make it a point to conduct an ocular inspection of the space to better assess the suitability of certain furniture pieces that a customer may be eyeing.

SB, in fact, can be likened to a friend who listens and considers what you want – and need – when giving advice, making the experience of furnishing your home that much easier and even more enjoyable.  After making your selection, SB will deliver the pieces, and its technical specialists will install these for you, too. You can actually have your dream space all in one day, and make it last a long time. 


SB Furniture Vice President for Operations Elvott Santos and SB Furniture Merchandising Manager Jackson Cue

  “We like it that our customers treat us like that stylish friend you always ask advice from for anything that has to do with your home. Someone who knows about design, who’s ready to help you with your vision, and who makes the entire experience easy and fun,” says Cue.  Browsing through any of the showrooms can already give one ideas, what with its extensive product lines for living, dining, bedroom, and entertainment areas. The collections cover almost every aesthetic from sophisticated, metro modern, or shabby chic – whatever floats your boat.  

 “Right now, we have 10 showrooms and we are planning to expand, in the Metro manila area first and in nearby developing provinces like Sta. Rosa Laguna – where we have a branch – and in Pampanga,” Cue shares.  

For more information, visit www.sbfurniture.com.ph, or follow @sbfurniturephilippines on Instagram  and Pinterest at sbfurnitureph. Check out its stores located in Bonifacio Global City, Makati, Alabang, Ortigas, Quezon City, Sta. Rosa, and Pampanga.