Double Duty Furniture

Many homeowners today are working hard to maximize their limited space. For some it's through better organization; But plenty of people just want to live more simply. Are you looking for a way to save some space? These double duty furniture ideas can give you the most function on just one furniture.


Headboard with Storage



We have seen headboards evolve from a utilitarian & aesthetic use to a more functional part of the bed. This is maybe due to the compact lifestyle that we have now. Headboards now extend as nite table. Keeping your gadgets within reach. With this in mind, some headboards even add storage to keep even your small knick knacks accessible to you.





Daybeds are perfect for compact spaces. It can be used for entertaining guests by day and then a comfortable sleeping space by night. It's beauty lies on the ease of use. 


Coffee Table with Stools


A clever way to have more seating space is to incorporate stools on your coffee table. This way, when you have guests at home, you can just pull out the stools to accomodate them and just slide it back when not in use. It saves you space as well as give you extra seats.  


Dresser + Storage


Dressing tables has since evolved into a multi-functional furniture in the bedroom. Where vanity & storage are fused cleverly to complement compact living.  




The sofabed is still the most popular multi-function furniture. Given the numerous interpretation of furniture makers. Its just a simple equation of sofa by day & bed by night. But it does solve the biggest space problem of compact condo living.